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Corrugated Australian Packaging


Regular Slotted Container – RSC is the most popular style of shipper as it is manufactured from one single sheet of board and has one glue point either on the inside or outside. It consists of four flaps top and bottom with the two length panels meeting.


Full Flap Slotted Container - FFSC has the same characteristics as an RSC but with full flaps on top and bottom giving extra strength especially with narrow shippers.


Half Slotted Container – HSC consists of an open top box with four flaps on the bottom. It can have hand holes added if desired.



Die Cut – Corrugated Boxes - Die Cuts are manufactured using a specifically designed die (knife) allowing for a more unique design.

Such box designs include:

  • Fold Over Sides Tuck In Top
  • Fold Over Sides with Ears
  • Lock Tab mechanism
  • Profiled Insert
  • Maltese Cross Mailer
  • Point Of Sale Displays POS
  • Folded Tray
Full Flap Five Panel Folders – FF5FP consists of a flat sheet of board with five panels. All the panels fold over into each other including the slotted ends totally encasing the desired item.

Point Of Sale Displays - Point Of Sale Displays either printed in flexographic or litho print. These unique items are individually designed and Corrapak caters for all marketing sectors. Our design team can custom design any type of POS item no matter what the objective may be.

Point Of Sale Items include:

  • Counter units
  • Pre-pack Counter Units
  • Shelf Ready Trays for multiple SKU’s
  • Floor Displays
  • Three Tiered or Two Tiered Display
  • Wing End Units
  • Header Cards
  • Dump Bins
  All the above can be manufactured in litho or flexographic print……………………


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